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WESPA Value-Added Cutting® – Added Value and Sawing Efficiency in Production

We perceive our products and services as a part of our customers’ value chain, which makes a significant contribution to the efficiency of the entire production process. No matter whether this involves bandsaw blades, improvement of sawing efficiency, delivery and maintenance services, long-term partnerships or training courses, WESPA has a comprehensive approach that focuses on the added value that users obtain from collaboration with it.

We have decades of experience and specific expertise in cutting using bandsaw blades. Innovations in the "High Performance" product range are setting standards in the optimization of industrial cutting.


Our services range from choosing the most suitable sawing tool and providing reliable deliveries to optimizing sawing processes through to drawing up comprehensive sawing concepts.

WESPA first analyzes customer requirements and the future conditions under which the bandsaw blade will be used, so as then to provide a product designed especially for the concrete application. This allows the cutting process to achieve a very high efficiency level. This is made possible by WESPA’s more than 60 years’ experience in the development of customized sawing solutions and services for renowned customers and a wide range of industries.  

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