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Cooling and Lubricating.

Cooling and lubricating is one of the most important factors in sawing operations. The correct coolant and lubricant significantly affects the tool's service life. Care must be taken to ensure that especially pressure-resistant cooling lubricants are used. WESPA cooling lubricants have been specially devised for large engagement lengths.
They are low in zinc, particularly environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin.

Minimum-Quantity Lubrication

The micro-dosing systems that are becoming more and more widespread produce very good results when cutting structurals and thin-walled materials. Using micro-dosing systems enables even cutting lengths up to 300 mm to be handled. What is crucial here is that the lubricating film should not tear and that there should be sufficient and continuous lubrication in this respect. Micro-dosing systems in the aluminium area use lubricants consisting of fatty alcohol, which evaporates virtually without residue, thereby obviating the need for subsequent cleaning of the materials.

WESPA WS Spray Oil

800661    WESPA WS spray oil   1 L                
800665    WESPA WS spray oil   5 L               
800670    WESPA WS spray oil  10 L   
800622    WESPA WS spray oil  200 L  

Benefits of WESPA Spray Oil

  • High lubricating and cooling effect
  • Low odour
  • Good skin tolerability
  • Biologically degradable
  • Good wetting ability
  • Low in zinc
  • Pressure-resistant
  • For large engagement lengths

WESPA Spray Oil AL

Lubricant consisting of easily evaporating fatty alcohol.

800671    WESPA WS - spray oil  AL 1 L, specially for aluminium
800675    WESPA WS - spray oil  AL 5 L, specially for aluminium
800680    WESPA WS - spray oil  AL 10 L, specially for aluminium
800623    WESPA WS  - spray oil  AL 200 L, specially for aluminium

Minimum-Quantity Lubrication

By launching WESPA IPC, the minimum-quantity spraying device recently included in our programme, we have catered to the market requirement for an affordable, but yet efficient micro-quantity spraying device. The device is assembled without mounting material or modifications to the machinery.

800600    WESPA WS – pulse spraying device        
800620    WESPA WS  – pulse spraying device with 2 x pump/nozzle
800627    Nozzle head pulse spraying device for band width up to 27 mm
800641    Nozzle head pulse spraying device for band width up to 41 mm
800654    Nozzle head pulse spraying device for band width up to 54 mm

Cooling Lubricant Concentrate

Art. no.    WESPA WS accessories
800201    WESPA WS cooling lubricant concentrate 1L
800205    WESPA WS cooling lubricant concentrate  5L
800210    WESPA WS cooling lubricant concentrate  10L
800230    WESPA WS cooling lubricant concentrate  30L
800220    WESPA WS cooling lubricant concentrate  200L barrel