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Quality Management

In addition to requirements in respect of technology, price, performance and compliance with delivery agreements, quality management has special significance at WESPA. Quality management is an integral part of production in Melsungen.

In order to assure quality, the following measures, among others, are taken:

  • Continual quality monitoring of all batches
  • Monitoring of each production step
  • State-of-the art production methods with visual monitoring
  • Laboratory examinations; hardness examinations
  • Analysis of materials
  • Production monitoring
  • Constant 5S and kaizen events.
  • Objective: Continuous improvement process (CIP)

CIP means: continuous improvement and further development. This attitude is like a golden thread running through all actions and the company as a whole. CIP refers not only to product quality, but also to service quality. CIP is implemented by means of constant small improvement steps (the opposite of great leaps). A comparable philosophy is the Japanese kaizen (see WESPA Production).

The aim of these measures is to increase and assure customer satisfaction, the involvement of staff, process orientation, to raise cost-efficiency through constant improvements and optimization.