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Germany As Production Location.

"Made in Germany" Production at Location in Melsungen in Northern Hesse.

WESPA has been producing hacksaw and bandsaw blades in Germany since 1950. From 1950 to 2005, WESPA was located in Spangenberg and thereafter at the new production location in nearby Melsungen-Adelshausen. WESPA's production is exclusively oriented towards "lean manufacturing" and "kaizen" (Jap. kai = change; zen = for the better 改善 "change for the better") source: Modern and highly efficient manufacturing methods guarantee the highest quality. Our focus is on the customer, with all his possible and different requirements.

From a Craft Industry Enterprise to a Technology Partner.

60 years ago, WESPA started out as a producer of hand hacksaws in Spangenberg in Hesse; today, it is a technology partner in demand throughout the world. WESPA is one of the leading global manufacturers of sawing tools. More than 100 employees in the German headquarters in Melsungen produce an unmatched range of products, meeting the requirements of a wide range of industries.

Renowned global players in the steel industry and other sectors such as the automotive and mechanical engineering industries rely on WESPA’s sawing tools. As a full-service provider, WESPA supplies customized solutions, which significantly improve our customers' competitiveness. In addition, a national and international  distribution network with its own representatives, dealers and partners guarantees rapid availability, short delivery times and comprehensive individual service.

Through continual investments in its production location in Melsungen in Hesse, as well as by dint of a spirit of innovation and changes in structure and strategy, WESPA has adapted optimally to constantly changing customer requirements.

Original Manufacturer Quality.

Rely on WESPA's original manufacturer quality. Pay attention to original WESPA markings and product names of our dealers and representatives. Original brand quality guarantees reliability in both application and result.